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to win your heart

The company was created in London in the early 90s of the last century as a team of like-minded people. However, soon, using family connections in aristocratic and government circles, it managed to establish itself as the perfect key to all doors and become a trendsetter in the London concierge market.

At the same time, the founders of The Sincura Group realized that the world was changing rapidly and being a classic and old-fashioned “Grand Hotel Concierge” meant falling behind life and missing out on new opportunities.

As a result, traditions and new technologies merged in the concept of The Sincura Group, which breathed new life into the classic format of concierge services.

The Sincura Group's product is now not only personalized services for very wealthy and influential people, but also modern service and analytical solutions used by such new and ambitious projects as Revolute Metal Card.

Thanks to this, The Sincura Group achieves financial efficiency and rapidly expands its markets of presence. Today TSG offices are successfully operating in the UK, Australia, Ukraine and Russia. Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates are next.

“We value our brand and want to achieve leading positions in every market of our presence. Therefore, considering the promising Russian market, we wanted to find a reliable partner who himself strives for leadership and is ready to master new business niches.

In the person of Vipservice holding, we have found just such a partner. And our first experience of interaction when launching a joint product on the Russian market instills in us confidence in its long-term success”

Tony Baxter, director of The Sincura Group.