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Much has been said about the importance of the management team in the life of a business. This is undoubtedly the most important asset of the company, perhaps ahead of only one in importance: the knowledge that the company possesses. And if both of these assets develop in unison and with the same tenacity, the chance of success increases many times over. True, an important condition for this is the presence of a team, that is a group of talented, educated and hard-working associates.


The general director of the Vipservice holding Irina Solovieva does not believe in rope courses and joint drinking to build a team: neither the first nor the second can help managers with different levels of knowledge and experience unite, in her opinion. “I believe that the basis for unification and subsequent effective collaboration is the equal knowledge of each member of the group about the basic processes and rules of business functioning.

For a long time in the holding, the managers were of an unequal level of knowledge, which prevented them from really rallying on the way to achieving the goal, and the goals were also very different. It took more than three years and a lot of effort for such a team to appear. The internal training program for top managers, organized by me in cooperation with the Higher School of Economics, plays an important role on the path to continued cohesion. I am immensely grateful to the shareholders of the holding, who ideologically and financially supported my initiative and remained faithful to it, continuing to finance even in the most difficult time of the pandemic.

In September 2021, 15 managers of the holding will receive new MBA diplomas. I was worried when I accompanied them to school with my colleagues, I look forward to the magical moment of the hats flying into the sky at the graduation ceremony.

Of course, with all the possible everyday convenience (teachers come to the office), such training is hard work and a lot of work. You need motivation. It is also a big investment for the company in its employee, which means that those who are already the best today should be chosen. I think that getting to know them will be interesting. About what force motivates each of the students of the first course, what they dream about and what the top managers of Vipservice who study under the program tirelessly believe in - in our next posts ... ”says Irina.


Olga Dolgova

“For me, MBA is the acquisition of skills of a different level of managerial competence, an approach to management from different points of view, the ability to find shorter business solutions, change the approach to processes, and the ability to build strategies for distant horizons.
Choosing Vipservice in my favor means for me that the company recognizes my value as a leader and is willing to invest in my development. This is valuable!"

"We have to work not 12 hours a day, and head."
Steve Jobs


Vladimir Gura

“For me, the MBA is a new stage in my personal and professional development.
Vipservice made a choice in determining the students in my favor and this means that he trusts me. And trust is the foundation of any relationship! "

"Hiring and retaining the best people is more important for a leader's success than any other factor."
Brian Tracy


Yulia Braginskaya

“For me, MBA is an opportunity to gain new knowledge and skills necessary for effective work, allowing me to identify weaknesses in my own knowledge for further development.

The Vipservice management made a choice in my favor, which means that they see me as a prospect for further cooperation. This is inspiring!”

"It's not about the number of hours spent at the desk, but the productivity of those hours."
D. Fried, D. Haynemayer Hansson


Alexey Shchankin

“MBA for me: many serious, respectable, respected, intelligent, well-rounded and highly educated professionals in their field want to teach you something. Take their time and energy to ensure that you learn something new. They help to understand how to use new knowledge and skills in their future activities.

The Vipservice management made a choice in my favor - I perceive this step as an advance for the future, as an investment with the aim of making a profit, as a reward. This is a great success for me. I am immensely grateful to Vipservice!”

Щанкин формула.jpg

It is a business owner's capital growth rate formula that broadened my understanding of the organization's activities and generated a lot of ideas and thoughts.
Each of its elements is an interesting object for analysis.


Ekaterina Polivanova

“For me, MBA is a time of new opportunities! Personal growth, the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, an increase in the efficiency of the tasks performed, because MBA is not only theory, but also extensive practice based on cases, serious pumping of soft skills. It is also the study of key aspects of business based on classical disciplines. Knowledge is power. And it is the main result of my training.

The choice of Vipservice management in my favor is trust and faith in me as a professional, it is a gift of personal and career growth, new opportunities and prospects. Faith spreads its wings and charges with drive to move forward. Thank you!”

"We are all people with limitless possibilities. You need to dream, believe in yourself and act-act-act every day. Never say that you cannot cope with something! And do not listen to "good people" who are trying to lead you astray. Never say that there is something that you cannot do. You can…"

Maxim Batyrev 


Pavel Razin

“For me, an MBA is an opportunity for internal and professional growth, gaining practical experience, and quickly applying the knowledge gained in practice.

The choice of the holding's management in my favor was very unexpected and pleasant! This allowed me to once again see how important my work is and how the company needs it; They hope for me, they trust me. I will do my best to continue to do my job even better, with new knowledge!”

"To achieve almost any goal, it is necessary and sufficient to introduce one or more habits. This is great news: Once the right habits are established, we can assume that the goal is in our pocket."
Nikita Maklakhov

Alisa Sidorova

“For me, MBA is a completely new level of knowledge that has noticeably influenced all spheres of life, it is a new look at solving problems, a qualitative understanding of the main business processes of the company, new skills and practical tools for work.

The choice of the Vipservice management in my favor is a recognition of the quality of the work I have already done. MBA - our team's contribution to future achievements for the benefit of the company and I am sure that new horizons await us with new knowledge. I am grateful for the trust placed in me!”

"The most important investment in your life is an investment in yourself, that is, in the only tool that you have in order to achieve something in life."
Stephen Covey

Sergey Rogozhin

“For me, MBA is an opportunity to improve my professional skills, and to feel like a part of a strong and successful team. As they say, you can do great things only with like-minded people. The knowledge we have gained will be used for the benefit of the holding.

I am grateful to the Vipservice management for the opportunity to be among the first and receive this training!”

"Any action has its own risk and price of that risk, just like any inaction."
Robert Shemin


Marina Tsallagova

“For me, MBA is the acquisition of a more systematic vision of the business. A new perspective on problem solving, new skills and tools. In addition, this communication with smart interesting people, which definitely changes us for the better.

The choice of Vipservice management in my favor - it means only one thing - our love is mutual!”

“The starting point of any achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat.”
Napoleon Hill


Sergey Kozakevich

“For me, an MBA is an opportunity to broaden my business horizons and learn a little management theory. A business school is a chance to learn about the management industry from the highly qualified teachers, being ready to perceive this information.

Choice is always a difficult question. As a leader, I understand this and know how difficult it is sometimes to make a choice. And I am proud and happy that I got a chance from the management of Vipservice to prove myself as a responsible, competent and successful TOP-manager.”

"The good is the enemy of the great. And this is one of the main reasons why we have so little of something truly great."
Jim Collins


Alexander Spirin

“For me, MBA is a new stage of development and personal growth, new knowledge and skills in such a difficult matter as management. Managing people is not easy, and doing it delicately, creating a dream team is doubly difficult. I am sure that thanks to the knowledge gained, new horizons will open before me, and the strength and desire to move forward are already there.

I am grateful to the management of Vipservice for the opportunity to be among the students of the first MBA course.”

"Continuous learning is the key to success in the 21st century. Lifelong learning is the minimum requirement for success in your (and any other) field of work."
Brian Tracy


Valeria Svalova

“For me, MBA training is about developing outlook, improving professional level and skills. And of course, this is a unique opportunity to learn from the experience of teachers, experts in their field. This allows you to gain practical knowledge many times faster than through reading or personal research. I am convinced that education is the best investment in your future.

The choice of Vipservice management in my favor is especially valuable. I hope that I will be able to apply all the acquired knowledge to the maximum in my work."

“Learning is successful only when it encourages you to think for yourself", Tom Chatfield


Ilya Kusakin

“For me, an MBA is a great opportunity to gain new knowledge, competencies, broaden my horizons, study current techniques and form a holistic picture of effective management. The best international practices studied in the MBA course are excellent experience for further application in daily work and solving even the most difficult management problems.

The choice of Vipservice in my favor is, first of all, a great responsibility for me for the trust and appreciation of my work. The opportunities offered by the holding's management are what most clearly characterize a company that is confidently looking forward to the future. Knowledge and experience are essential resources for building a solid foundation for successful business development and prosperity on a long-term basis. I am sure that all the tasks set for our team and me personally will be fulfilled and we will proudly say that Vipservice is what we have chosen with our hearts!”  

"The root of the word "responsibility" is "response" - our response to the current events. Highly effective people don't shy away from responsibility. They do not attribute their behavior to circumstances and a difficult situation. Their behavior is a product of their own conscious choices based on values, not a product of their environment", Stephen Covey