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Sincura Russia Concierge Club is a 100% Russian enterprise established by shareholders and top managers of the Vipservice holding with the technological and marketing participation of The Sincura Group (UK).

Founded in March 2020, Sincura Russia combines experience and authority in the Russian corporate services market of Vipservice holding with concierge technologies, global capabilities and service standards for the most demanding clients of British concierge company The Sincura Group.

Especially for this project, we invited one of the most experienced and well-known experts in the Russian premium services market - Denis Alekseev (American Express, Sberbank) who proposed the concept and strategy of the new business and leads all activities and development of Sincura Russia.

Sincura Russia is exceptional service and premium solutions, both for individuals (B2C) and for businesses focused on the segment of high net worth clients (B2B), as well as the top management of corporate clients (B2E).

Services and features

- individual approach to service 24/7/365

- a team of expert personal travel and lifestyle consultants with extensive experience in servicing VIP clients in leading concierge companies, personal assistant managers, protocol service consultants

- a full range of individual travel services - own issue of air and railway tickets, hotel booking, transport services, solving all travel issues

- an unlimited set of additional services - tickets to entertainment events, reserving tables in restaurants, performing various errands

- special offers and VIP status from suppliers around the world

- solutions proven in the banking sector in the field of medicine, education, legal and financial services, selection and sale of real estate, etc.

- access to the global partner base and contacts of The Sincura Group

And much more.