We work

to win your heart

Good deeds

«We work for the people, we want them to keep our photograph in their hearts», states the Vip-Service mission. And we try to comply with this principle not only in our professional activities. The charitable events, supported by the holding, become an inseparable part of the company's corporate life. The management of the holding deems it important to develop this area of activities along with other organizational processes.
The charitable activities of VIP-Service are described below.

Integration environment

Partnership in social integration of physically and mentally challenged people leads to higher social status of such people in society, and it promotes the traditions of charity and philanthropy.
As far as this area is concerned, we organize:
handicraft courses led by E. Mikhaylova,
New Year programs with the Artel of the Blessed,
and remote work of disabled people.

Organization of and participation in events

Plyushki Vatrushki (literally "buns and sweet cheese Danish pastries)«Festival», which takes place twice a year in partnership with the «Otkazniki.ru Fund»
Office fairs with «V Tvoikh Rukakh (In Your Hands) Fund», «Social Meters Project»
Exhibitions and workshops in partnership with «Filantrop (Philanthropist) Fund»

Sports environment

Cooperation with «Downside Up» Fund and corporate volunteering
Cooperation with the Federation of Table Games of Russia and helping disabled children with sports activities

An environment of kindness

Aid for the daughter of employee Masha Kozhemyakina
Help for the Home for the Elderly
Easter trips to Child Care Center No. 2 and Tushino Children's Hospital together with the Transfiguration Charity Sisters

Letters of gratitude