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Sladkaya An (Sweet Ann)

"Sladkaya An (Sweet Ann)" is a charitable confectionary project for the production of chocolate treats.

Charity Gathering’ "Vse Vmeste (All Together)"

The association of socially oriented non-profit organizations " titled " Vse Vmeste’ (All Together) "  brings together  charities charities and volunteer organizations founded by the public.

Charity fair «The Dushevny Bazar (Soulful Bazar)»

 The Dushevny Bazar (Soulful Bazar) – is a project for the development of non-profit sector institutions &ndash, such as charities, social entrepreneurs, socially responsible companies and private donors.

Filantrop (Philanthropist) «Fund»

«Filantrop (Philanthropist)» Fund is one of Russia's first not-for-profit organizations, which has been launching charitable projects in creative and social rehabilitation of the mentally challenged since 1990. The All-Russian Society of Disabled People is the sole founder of the Fund.

The Fund's leading project is the International «Filantrop» Award for outstanding achievements of disabled people in art and culture. In 2000-2014, the Award was given 8 times, with more than 8,000 people from 33 countries of the world participating in the contest.

Downside Up «Fund»

«Downside Up» Charitable Fund has been operating since 1997. The Fund's program features developing and educating classes for kids from 0 to 7 years old, as well as psychological support for parents. Every year, Downside Up provides free help to 3,500 families from all regions of Russia and former Soviet republics. The Fund has been successful in sharing its methods with public education, health care and social care institutions.

Down syndrome  is the most widespread genetic deviation that occurs in every 700th child on the planet, not depending on parent's health, lifestyle, or nationality. 2,500 babies with Down syndrome are born in Russia every year.  Down syndrome – is not an illness; it can't be «cured». But children with Down syndrome can be helped. With timely support from specialists, they may learn to walk and talk, draw and read, attend kindergarten and school, practice music and sport.

«Volunteers Helping Orphans Fund»

The Fund has developed  from a social movement that emerged at the end of 2004 as a reaction to the catastrophic situation with abandoned children, left without their parents' care and the government's help and forced to live their small lives ... in hospital wards. The Volunteers Helping Orphans Charitable Fund  «was registered in 2007». Today, the fund has a number of programs in three key areas – social orphanhood prevention, helping children in hospitals and orphanages, helping families. Volunteers play a key role in implementing each of these programs. The Fund aims to assist in eradicating social orphanhood and provide each child of our country with their basic right – to life and a family upbringing.

Transfiguration« Group of Charity Sisters »

«Transfiguration» Group of Charity Sisters was created in 2003, attached to the Church of the Transfiguration in Tushino. Around 150 volunteers work in the group in their free time. The group extends its help to – a children's hospital, a maternity clinic, a child care center, orphan asylums and orphanages, a residential home for the elderly, and a military hospital. The group delivers its main service at Tushino Children's Hospital, where the nurses take care of abandoned orphans and homeless teenagers, and in Veteran's Home No. 9. The group is constantly expanding its activity, finding new tasks and solving new problems. The most important condition for success with these challenges – are the caring hearts of our sisters and brothers, their willingness to work selflessly and help those who need care and mercy.

All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization «"Federation of Table Sport Games of Russia"»

The All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization «"Federation of Table Sport Games of Russia"» was created  in February  2014 and it operates in more than half of all constituent entities of the Russian Federation, where it has its own structural subdivisions –and regional offices. The Federation's key areas of activity are the organization and holding of inter-regional, all-Russian and international sports competitions in table games; the formation of national, youth and junior national teams of the Russian Federation in table sport games; combating doping and other means and methods, which are harmful to the health, according to the World Anti-Doping Code of the World Anti-Doping Agency; integration of handicapped people in the global sports community.

«Artel of the Blessed»

«Artel of the Blessed »is a workshop, where mentally challenged people, foster home graduates, and students work and create amazing things. These people, due to the gravest development disorders will never be able to find work on their own and work at enterprises that don't have special conditions. An opportunity to work for them is —not only about money, but it is one of the few ways to preserve their human dignity.

V Tvoikh Rukakh (In Your Hands) Charitable Fund

The Fund has been implementing its projects in social adaptation, mentoring and development of children since 2009. The main task is to show children the world where they will live and facilitate their accession to this world as much as possible. The Fund helps children from foster homes and orphanages to socialize, find their place in society, acquire everyday skills, usually taught by parents.