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Railway Carriers

Our country ranks second in the world in terms of the length of railways, second only to China in this indicator. Vipservice Holding is the largest seller of train tickets in Russia, issuing over 3.5 million tickets annually.

Russian Railways

This railway complex is of special strategic significance for our country. It is a link in the single economic system, the most affordable type of transport for millions of people that supports steady operations of industrial enterprises and timely delivery of vital freight to the most remote parts of Russia. Russian Railways OJSC is one of the top three global railways leaders. This is due to the following factors: huge volumes of freight and passenger traffic, high financial ratings, qualified specialists in all areas of railway transport, a large scientific and technical basis, project and construction capacities, and significant experience of international cooperation.

Deutsche Bahn AG

Deutsche Bahn AG is a German concern founded in 1994. Today DB is among the world's passenger and logistic leaders present in 130 countries globally. The rail system is rather diverse in Germany and other European countries. It carries very different, mostly passenger, trains day and night. Three quarters of all railway traffic is passengers. Although Germany has small local or private railways, Deutsche Bahn AG is the principal railway operator. With Deutsche Bahn tickets, you can travel by train to many European countries, such as Belgium, Great Britain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria.


 Aeroexpress is a dynamically developing company that provides rail passenger transportation between the capital and the airports of the Moscow aviation hub (Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo). The company was founded in 2005.

Aeroexpress is an integral part of the modern transport system of the Moscow region. Given the load on the main highways, the company provides a convenient and time-accurate way to get from the center of Moscow to the airport. Railway terminals and stations from which Aeroexpress trains depart are conveniently located near the stations of the Moscow Metro and the Moscow Central Circle.

In 2019, more than 12 million people used the company's services. Since its inception, Aeroexpress has transported over 142 million passengers.