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to win your heart

Concierge service is an integral part of premium banking products. At the same time, the potential of this interaction is used less than by half. Sincura Russia offers banks and other premium service businesses a partnership model instead of a purchasing one. Serving your clients, we will proceed not only from their interests, but also from yours. Together with you, we will develop solutions that create significant added value and an exclusive competitive advantage for your products. We will agree on the criteria for success and we will strive for them. The experience of our leaders and the global capabilities of The Sincura Group allow us to confidently offer the deepest integration - the white label model - serving your customers on your behalf and according to your standards!

To take advantage of our premium business offer, please submit your request at www.sincura.ru. You can also email us membership@sincura.ru or call +7(495)626-4812