Alexey Kushkin, Commercial Director of Hamilton Apps, in an interview with CFO Russia

Alexey Kushkin, commercial director of Hamilton Apps and speaker of the Fifteenth Conference "Automation of Corporate Business Processes", spoke in an interview with CFO Russia about the automation of processes for managing requests for expenses and advance reports.

What are the main challenges you see companies facing in managing advance requests and expense reports?

— When the company's activities are inextricably linked with regular business trips, its employees are often forced to draw up advance reports to confirm the targeted spending of travel funds. In addition to the employee, an accountant and a manager are always involved in the process of preparing one advance report. It complicates the chain in terms of reporting, assertions, and communications. That is why today more and more companies are striving to transfer the business process from paper one to digital one: modern automation systems greatly simplify reporting and reduce the time it takes to work with it. Due to the significant advantages of automation of popular accounting and other administrative and economic processes, paper document management is being transferred to electronic one (Electronic Document Flow) everywhere today, not only in large enterprises, but also in small companies. Even such highly specialized business process as advance reporting management can save the employee’s time and cost of the company's business process if it is automated.

What are Hamilton Apps cloud apps and what features do they include?

— The Hamilton cloud advance reporting application allows an employee to prepare an advance report from any mobile device from any location convenient for him / her in a matter of minutes attaching a photo of all supporting documents and send it for verification to the accounting department. In the application you can report on any type of expense: a business trip, general business expenses, hospitality, etc. The Hamilton advance reporting application is not just an electronic advance report creation, it is a complete solution for managing the employee’s expenses easily and quickly. In addition, the application eliminates all kinds of errors, duplicating operations, the risk of losing documentation and inefficient use of working time.

Employees always submit correctly prepared advance reports in a timely manner and also receive compensation on them in a timely manner. An expense request in the Hamilton Cloud App allows you to manage all types of expenses in your company including business trips. The Hamilton Request for Absence app allows you to manage the employee’s timesheets, requests for time off and manage vacation plans.

What benefits can a company gain using the platform?

The Hamilton applications can be customized to meet the requirements of each individual company. All accesses, roles and rights of business process participants can be configured individually in the same way as all internal policies, rules and limits of the company. In comparison with the use of ready-made boxed solutions, this approach shows the greatest efficiency in practice. After all, it allows you to take into account all the needs and features of the business process. The application does not require additional installation, you must follow the link to access and enter your username and password. Further, each participant of the business process receives a well-thought-out user-friendly interface. Besides, using the Hamilton applications the company has full technical and user support. The applications are fully localized in regard to current legislation and are promptly updated with any changes. At the same time, all personal data of users are completely protected, as they are processed and stored exclusively on the territory of the Russian Federation in accordance with the Federal Law No. 152.