Portbilet integrates direct connection with NordStar Airlines.
Exciting news from Portbilet! It now features a direct connection with NordStar Airlines, one of the 15 largest air carriers in the Russian Federation... 03.06.2024
Portretix has a new travel-friendly partner.
Portretix is excited to introduce its new partner, Routemark... 23.05.2024
"Vipservice Puteshestuviya" participated in the HR conference for local businesses and major industries in the Republic of Tatarstan.
This major regional event, hosted by Povolzhsky Bank, the territorial bank of the Republic of Tatarstan, took place in April in Naberezhnye Chelny... 08.05.2024
On April 26, Vipservice Holding conducted its traditional charity fair.
The fair showcased products from the Uyutka, Artel of the Blissful, and Consta Candle charitable foundations... 03.05.2024
Spring is the perfect time to review interim results.
This is an excellent opportunity to reflect on past achievements and assess each employee's contribution to the collective effort... 25.04.2024