We unite to make client's life easier

The pandemic has dramatically increased speed of digitization of our everyday life: we order food through applications, we buy more and more goods and services online, and very rarely we go into our wallet for cash. It is very important for us at Vipservice to meet these realities and support our clients in ongoing changes. Two projects of the holding have joined forces to provide our clients with opportunity of easy payments using QR code.

theMAP, an international processing center, and "Future", a software for registration of passenger transportation, have merged and implemented technology of payment by QR-code, a payment using the Faster Payments System (SBP). The new payment method will be “piloted” by holding's landmark project, one of the largest Russian Internet resources providing an opportunity for convenient search, booking and purchase of air tickets and related services - the online hypermarket

What is a QR code and what advantage does a client get when using this service?

QR code itself is not a payment method, but just a picture that encrypts some useful information - a link to a website, photo, article, payment form. Today, with its help, we have begun to pay for goods and services.

Payment by the Faster Payments System (SBP) is a technology recently introduced by the Bank of Russia. The main difference from a classic payment by card is that when paying by SBP, money is withdrawn from one current account and transferred to another current account without participation of the payment systems - Visa, Mastercard, Mir. A user no longer needs to enter bankcard details, payment amount, wait for the 3-ds code and confirm operation, as when paying with a bankcard of any payment system. Besides, when using QR payments via SBP, information leakage is impossible, since all data remains inside a banking system.

Other advantages of this payment method:

• Speed. You do not need to enter card details, just scan a code and sel ect account fr om which you want to pay.

Reliability. Payment is made from account to account without participation of payment systems.

Security: Transfer takes place inside a bank, so a system is completely secure.

By sharing technology, we make the complex simple!