New Benefit Portbilet: Reduction of Hotel Content Rates

Portbilet is a unique system that is easy to use for a number of indicators. It is also an extensive, constantly growing database of accommodation types from all over the world with their own contracts. And the support of a professional team of specialists, including complex group inquiries. And a variety of tariff plans with rewards and the possibility of lending.

Portbilet is a product that is constantly evolving both technically and in terms of content and improving the conditions for customers. So, for example, now in the course of negotiations the Vipservice company managed to achieve a reduction in tariffs for the most popular hotels offered by the system.

In this context it is especially important to note that users working with the Portbilet system have the ability to set up extra charges for any option - for a certain hotel, room, service. At the same time, the flexibility of the service lies in the fact that it can be done both in advance and during the booking process.

We work so that the business bears fruit!