Portbilet – Port …hotel?

Tickets and hotels from one supplier with an ability to get deferred payment in a difficult post-pandemic period? Yes, it can be discussedJ and not only … says the general director of the Vipservice holding, Irina Solovyeva.

- A very difficult period, when virtually the entire tourism industry is anxiously awaiting the opening of world tourist centers, our colleagues from this industry have to show miracles of survival. We understand and feel this, since 80 percent of the clients of our Portbilet system are travel companies. We do our best to make it easier for them to convert to new products and directions. Today we offer a renewed hotel block of the system with a set of accommodations that can suit both a tourist and a corporate client. We also propose to reach new groups of clients through the system by placing our hotel contracts with us for sale to other agencies.    

The second important argument in favor of the Portbilet hotel block is the ability to work flexibly with an extra charge: it is possible not only for a specific hotel, but for a room type or a specific service. The markup can be made fixed in advance, or it can be done during the booking process itself, at the moment “assessing” the client’s solvency.

Irina Borisovna notes that among other advantages of the system, the key is operational support from the Vipservice specialists. For example, when booking and working online with offline hotel orders. Yes, and in general, an individually selected commercial offer for remuneration and a loan makes cooperation with the holding even more pleasant and efficient.

- For those who are ready to try their hand at MICE, we also offer professional assistance: group transportation can now be supplemented with group hotel bookings. Yes, work in this segment is not easy, but our experience will help to take into account all the needs of customers and return with the best offer.

- And finally, I would like to note the opportunities for those who have their own direct and unique contracts with sites. Now Portbilet allows you to add such programs to the system, including for other users, and provide the client with the opportunity to increase sales and financial benefits.

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