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Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has authorised the requirements for issue and use of electronic vouchers. The legal side of the project has been provided for, and the technical preparation is pending. It's apparent, however, that the tourism market is set to become more digitalised and transparent. According to Dmitry Gorin, head of Rostourism, electronic vouchers will essentially be a guarantee of security for people purchasing tours: tourists will be able to track the status of their trip, the hotel booking and the flights, get a confirmation of financial guarantees provided by tour operator and check if the latter is registered with Rostourism.
More information is available from Moscow-24 TV channel here 

Dmitry Gorin also discussed electronic vouchers and other questions related to legal control over the activities of tour operators and travel agencies during his meeting with deputy Sergey Krivonosov at the Russian State Duma.

Another important announcement for the travel industry this week is the launch of electronic visas for tourists coming to Russia, effective from 1 January 2021. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has now signed the respective decree. As the Vice President of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, Dmitry Gorin believes this will guarantee around 25% increase in the number of tourists. "We would like to see the list of countries where tourists can use the simplified visa system grow as much as possible. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently considering this as a possibility. Belarus is a good example: they provide visa-free travel for tourists from 80 countries. It's important that Russia includes bordering countries in this list and increases the visa duration for travellers into the country", - Dmitry said in an interview with RBK TV. ( starting from 21st minute)

Auto-tourism gains popularity amid road restoration and with the new high-quality campings that were built for 2018 FIFA World Cup. Dmitry Gorin shared this information with Izvestia. The things slowing it down are the lack of leasing packages in Russia for camper van buyers and underdeveloped rental services for this kind of transport, according to Dmitry. More information is available in the article here