Vipservice names best customer support managers

On 17 June, Vipservice Holding awarded the best customer support managers from the console sales department and the Portbilet 1st line support. The company's biannual survey of subagents determined the leaders. Marina Dumkina has been named the best console manager, and Anton Sergeyev has become the winner among Portbilet managers. The Portbilet department has overall shown increased customer satisfaction levels compared to last year.

"Our subagent surveys on managers performance are very important for us, because these managers often represent the face of our company. I believe we have achieved very good results here – the winners scored 4.8 and 4.9 points out of 5. But let's not forget that we haven't reached the maximum score, which means there's room for improvement, so that the next time it will be a solid 5", – said Yulia Braginskaya, Head of Portbilet, during the ceremony.

"We will never stop doing what's important for us. And customer satisfaction is our number one priority at Vipservice. We have been conducting regular subagent surveys since 2015. And we take it seriously, not as a formality. And most importantly, we change according to the feedback we get", – said Irina Solovyeva, Vipservice Executive Director.

We would like to thank our subagents for taking part in the survey, and we promise to continue incorporating your feedback in the development of our services and offer the highest levels of customer support. And congratulations to our colleagues on these amazing results, we hope it only goes up from here!

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