About Vipservice new main entrance

The look of Vipservice office keeps transforming. Now that we have opened the ultra-modern 5th floor, it's time for a new entrance and renovations on the first floor. They are planned to be revealed in August and promise to be equally well-finished and comfortable, for the best experience of every guest and employee of Vipservice.

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The design of the new entrance and the first floor has been assigned to the same professionals who worked on the 5th floor – architects from Serafimov Atelier (Bulgaria) and specialists from the European agency INTO Branding. This means the new space will have the same mix of eco and high-tech styles: plenty of air due to the use of wood, glass, reflective and glossy surfaces; dynamic lighting and ergonomic space plan.

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The entrance will feature clear glass sliding doors, and the waiting area will offer comfortable office sofas in the company's signature style. Past the waiting area, there will be a biometric access system which means the employees will be able to enter the office without the need for plastic passes. Elevators, Vipservice reception desk and a room for staff training, equipped with multifunctional furniture, will also be on the first floor.

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During the renovations, Vipservice visitors and employees will be able to enter the office via the checkpoint at the side of the building. Please take a look at the access plan and please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.
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