Federal Media Overview

Dmitry Gorin is attending the 12th Conference of the Alliance of Travel Agencies held in Turkey on 11-15 May. On 12 May, the advisor to the head of Federal Agency for Tourism said that the Electronic voucher system, which is aimed to protect the rights of tourists, will reflect the actual financial support and the volumes of tour operators. "With the introduction of the new electronic voucher, the term 'tourism product' will cover any type of service provided by a tour operator. We want our tourists to have access to credible information which includes guarantees provided by tour operators. People need to understand and be certain that any service they purchase from a tour operator is insured and guaranteed", – Interfax Tourism cited Dmitry Gorin.

Today, on 13 May, in the program Bolshoe Puteshestvie on Avtoradio, Dmitry said that the Electronic voucher will be introduced this year. Until that happens, he recommended Russian tourists to be cautious when buying travel services at big discounts ahead of the peak season (it's one of the signs of a pyramid scheme), make sure the tour operator is listed on the Turpomosch website, and check the status of flights and tours on specialised web portals like настоящийбилет.рф. In addition, Russia will soon have a unified federal registry of travel agencies – another comment Dmitry Gorin made during the Conference of the Alliance of Travel Agencies.

On 11 May, Moscow-24 TV channel spoke about thousands of people coming to Russia for the Victory Day from abroad. This year, around 20% more tourists have arrived in Russia ahead of the event, compared to the previous year. The main attractions are the Parade and the fireworks. "After the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the number of countries that tourists come to Russia from is more varied. China, USA, Germany, France, Italy and South Korea are at the top. We have much more tourists from Latin America now – that's definitely due to the World Cup", – Dmitry Gorin said to the correspondent.