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HotelStar is an online platform solution for servicing non-avia service booking requests.

Today HotelStar is integrated as the only hotel aggregator into the Vipservice holding systems: Portbilet, Portbilet TMC, Portbilet TMC Light.

HotelStar includes all the variety of hotel content, from its own contracts with placements to leading foreign consolidators.

In 2021, HotelStar entered the B2B market as a platform solution for booking ground services.

The content of HotelStar is replenished in 2023 not only by accommodation facilities but also by transport providers, VIP-lounges and other services in the field of non-avia handling.

Already, HotelStar processes not only requests for individual reservations, but also complex, non-standard requests for accommodation and work with groups. Not only the content of the system is being developed but also the tools for customer service.