Corporate life

Manager's Dinner 2022

The Vipservice Holding is famous for its traditions. They give employees sense of unity and involvement, help feel stability in these difficult times. One of the most important traditions is the Manager's Dinner. It is a special meeting of top management at the end of the year.

Like any tradition, this one has its own rituals and obligatory components. The dinner is prepared especially carefully - evening hairstyles and dresses, suits, and bow-ties, expensive perfumes and wines, beautiful wishes, the best restaurateurs offering themed culinary delights and, most importantly, the choice of the evening theme.

This year everything was shrouded in the atmosphere of the mysterious and amazing fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland", because we all need “miracles to happen.”

Cards looked at the guests from the Christmas tree, a path with chess pieces leading to the main photo area with the throne of the Red Queen greeted everybody, tables were decorated with the cakes by Olga Dzhanibekova, talented young confectioner, with Cheshire cat grin, and the waiters turned into Mad Hatters for a while.






The manager's dinner was dedicated to gratitude: for support and mutual understanding, new collaborations, and performance. Colleagues wished each other and the businesses they lead prosperity, effective integrations, innovative products, and, of course, great clients!



Another important tradition of the dinner is the opportunity to communicate with the shareholders of the holding in an informal setting.




It is important to notice your own success and be able to be proud of it - it is the meaning of this tradition.