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Vipservice management says 'Thank you!' to the team

The week of 3 June started with a pleasant event at Vipservice Holding. In the morning, all the employees gathered at the media centre for a standard review of half-year results. The management expressed their gratitude to everyone who supports the brand values in their day-to-day work: reliability, creativity and enthusiasm. Dmitry Gorin, Director General of Vipservice Holding, and Irina Solovyeva, Managing Director, granted letters of gratitude to 78 members of the team in 5 nominations:
• Creative approach
• Maintaining steady operations in the changing environment
• Initiative on growing responsibilities or workload
• Enriching knowledge, learning new skills
• Observing work discipline (4 months without violations)

The latter is Irina's personal favourite. The most diligent employees received heart-shaped boxes of sweets from the Managing Director. 'For me, discipline goes hand in hand with being responsible, and responsibility is a sign of maturity. I think these kind of people are very reliable', – said Irina.
Vipservice Holding holds this kind of events three times a year. The next ceremony is planned for August.
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