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We present an online service for organizing your trips – Vkomandirovke.

Vkomandirovke is:

• Easy to use. All your company employees can use the service, or a single specialist can handle all business trips. It's up to you!

• Easy to purchase. Pay for the services you need with any bank card. It's simple and fast!

• Easy to report. The service stores all the necessary travel documents, so there is no need to request them from employees, or worry about the documents getting lost. We believe that business trips should be simple!

• Easy to manage. You set how much employees can spend on various tickets. Later, you can check the company's total expenditures on business trips. Everything is clear and transparent for everyone!

• Easy to save money with. By outsourcing your trips, you can not only reduce the time spent on searching and selecting trip parameters, but also save the company's funds, as we'll advise when it's most cost-effective to purchase a particular ticket! Focus on your business, while we handle your business travel arrangements.

And most importantly!

Vkomandirovke – is a personal travel consultant, who doesn't require a monthly salary or performance bonus. You only pay a transaction fee for a completed purchase and not a penny more!


Why choose Vkomandirovke?

Purchase tickets and book a hotel in just two minutes

A simple and convenient way to buy any service online with just a few clicks. We've gathered all providers of air, train, and hotel services in one place.

We'll automatically prepare the documents for you

Closing and other documents will no longer be a headache — we'll prepare all the necessary information, which will always be available to you in the service.

24/7 customer support

No matter what happens during your trip, we're always there and ready to help. Even in the middle of the night.

Transparent collaboration

No hidden charges or fees — we operate with full transparency. You only pay for the services you actually purchase.

Unified supplier

Outsourcing your company's travel arrangements not only provides you with a flexible tool but also reduces your expenses. Vkomandirovke cuts the time spent on searching tickets by 20% and the overall cost of purchasing travel services by a third.

Incentive and monitoring system

We can assist you in developing an incentive system and monitoring travel expenditures for your company.


Who can use the Vkomadirovke business travel service?

Mid-sized businesses

Focus on your business, while we provide everything you need to plan your business trips:

• An online platform for managing business trips.

• An online platform for managing business trips.

• 24/7 customer support.

Small businesses and individual entrepreneurs

When business trips don't cause you headaches:

• A ready-to-use service with no subscription fees — you pay only when you use it.

• Closing documents are always at your fingertips.

• A single service for purchasing both train/airplane tickets and booking hotel rooms.


Do you have any questions?

What is the Vkomandirovke online business travel service?

Vkomandirovke has all of your company's travel needs covered, from planning a business trip to procuring necessary services and obtaining closing documents. It's all online, fast, and simple!

How can I find out more about the Vkomandirovke service?

Submit an advice request on our website, and our team will get in touch with you to provide all the information you need and, if necessary, demonstrate how the Vkomandirovke service works.

Who can use the service?

We believe that anyone, from a regular employee to a top manager, can arrange a business trip or purchase necessary tickets and reserve a hotel using our service. We've intentionally designed Vkomandirovke to be an intuitive and straightforward service for the convenience of all our clients.

How do I get access to the online system?

Submit a connection request on our website.

A manager will contact you to help resolve your queries.

You can get access within one business day, meaning you can start using the service on the same day you submit your request.

What can I use the Vkomandirovke service for?

The online service enables you to make a business trip request, get it approved, and receive all the necessary documents once it's completed. In the service, you can also buy all necessary services, from air and train tickets to book hotels and transfers, and obtain all the required closing documents.

How can I obtain financial documents?

You will find all essential financial reports for each order/trip in your Personal Account. We can also assist you in choosing how to handle documents — as paper copies or via electronic document turnover — upon request.

Can I pay for my ticket with a bank card?

Yes, we accept Russian bank cards of all the major payment systems.