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The Portbillet is a simple and effective solution allowing users to search for, book, and sell tickets or accompanying services. The system uses cutting-edge web application standards (Pentaho business analysis, a Cassandra database, Neo4J, Graphite statistics visualization system, etc.).

Portbillet was launched in 2010, and back then it was the only solution of this type on the tourism market. Since then, the system has been evolved and improved on a regular basis, allowing it to retain its leadership positions.

In 2016, a new and improved Portbillet 2.0 was released, with its advanced user-oriented and customizable ecosystem: now users could tweak everything from the appearance of the desktop to which modules used. 

Today, Portbillet offers airline and railway tickets, Aeroexpress tickets, hotel bookings, and travel insurance policies. 

The system can equally well meet the needs of both a simple booking office and a major travel operator with complex travel processes. Portbillet 2.0 offers all the functions to ensure that: automatic travel policy monitoring, generation of customer reports, a module of 3D contracts, and other functions important for corporate clients.

The Portbillet team continues to improve the functions and content of the system, offering its partners ever-increasing opportunities. In recent years, Portbillet has received a number of useful updates; these included offers of chartered flight travel, integration with the Russian and international railway companies, the option to pay by credit card, and many others.